protect your lips

It’s about that time again. When the thermostat goes up and the sweaters go on, you can expect that your lips will start to suffer. All the cold air outside, combined with your time spent in the dry, heated inside air, paves the way for the worst possible conditions for your skin and lips. On top of that, the skin on your lips is some of the thinnest skin on your body, so it’s not well protected. Add in the fact that it doesn’t have enough oil glands to keep your lips lubricated, and you can see why your dry, cracked, and peeling lips make a return each and every fall and winter.

But you don’t have to just accept the pain and discomfort of dry lips. Use these wintertime tips to protect your lips, and keep your smoocher smooth.

Lick No More!

It’s a vicious cycle. Your lips feel dry for all the reasons listed above, so you lick them to alleviate that icky dry feeling. The only problem? It doesn’t work — at all. In fact, licking your lips will only speed up the drying out process because the saliva quickly evaporates, leaving behind even drier skin. And digestive enzymes and bacteria from your saliva aren’t good for your lips either.

More H2O Please

Most of us don’t drink enough water even when temperatures are warm. When winter comes around, we tend to feel like drinking even less water, but this is not the time to forget hydration! Continue to aim for at least eight glasses of water each day, even when it’s cold outside.

Keep Your Fingers Off!

If you happen to get flaky lips, resist the urge to pick the peeling skin off with your fingers. This will only create cracks and sores for you to deal with, making healing that much harder. A better option is to apply a therapeutic lip balm that can repair and revitalize your lips with vitamins, lipids, and emollients.

Use Lip Balm

Add lip balm application to your daily routine, and keep some with you for reapplication throughout the day. And don’t forget nighttime. Your lips can get extremely dry through the night as you breathe in and out with open mouth for hours. Apply your lip balm before bedtime to set your lips up for the best conditions.

Use a Humidifier

Help the moisture level in your home or office by using a humidifier throughout the day, or even while you sleep. Remember that the heated indoor air makes for air that is more dry than usual. Adding some moisture back into the spaces where you spend most of your time will help your lips and skin stay moisturized.

Cover up

Coat: check. Mittens: check. Hat: check. Boots: check. We’re conscious of covering most of our body parts when we head out into frigid temperatures, but we often forget the delicate skin on our lips. Wrap your scarf around your mouth, or even wear a ski mask to protect your lips from the elements.

Deter All Natural Organic Lip Balm and Deter Therapeutic Lip Balm are the perfect tools to add to your personal care routine this winter. Made with all natural ingredients, and fortified to condition and revitalize, you can protect your lips this year. And with a stocking stuffer price point, you can make sure everyone in your family has access to moisturized lips this holiday season.

protect your lips