You’re Not Imagining It. There ARE More Mosquitoes and Ticks This Year
more mosquitoes and ticks this year

Here’s the bad news. Mosquito and tick populations are on the rise — across the nation.

The good news? Sorry, but when it comes to mosquitoes and ticks, we actually can’t find any good news. But read to the end to find out how to protect yourself and your family from the dangers of the many more mosquitoes and ticks this year. First, let’s take a look at why we’re going to see more mosquitoes and ticks at our barbecues and campouts.

Warm Winter

The short of it is that we experienced a warmer winter in almost all parts of America. According to the 2017 Spring Bug Barometer released by The National Pest Management Association, the only area of the United States that won’t be seeing an uptick in ticks and mosquitoes is the Pacific Northwest. (Although, the heavy winter snowfall they experienced that was then followed immediately by warm spring conditions will likely bring about more ants than usual.)

All other areas of the country will see more mosquitoes and ticks this year, and need to buckle in for some serious mosquito and tick protection this summer.

Southwest and West Coast: This region experienced unusually severe weather this winter that included flooding and mudslides. When the spring conditions brought warmer (and still wet) weather, conditions became just right for mosquito populations to thrive.

Midwest: The Midwest went through an unseasonably warm winter, punctuated by sporadic extreme weather like hail and heavy snowfall. An abnormally warm spring followed, which made things ideal for ticks to get a head start on reproduction. A longer tick season means more ticks will be found in the region.

Northeast: A warmer winter (with some areas experiencing drought and others experiencing wetter-than-normal conditions) gave way for conditions for a tick population to thrive. The heavy spring showers in the region made it possible for more mosquitoes to breed.

Southeast: This area was even warmer than usual, with temperatures not even dropping in the night. States that also experienced heavy rainfall will be seeing a larger population of mosquitoes this summer.

Don’t Panic

It may be tempting to panic as you think about more mosquitoes and ticks this year. But you don’t need to keep your kids and pets indoors and avoid your family’s favorite outdoor activities.

Protecting your family from the increased mosquito and tick populations is possible if you know a few things.

  1. Start with your property. Keep your home safe by eliminating standing water (breeding grounds for mosquitoes) and eliminate overgrowth in your landscape (where possible).
  2. When you’re outside: Stay in the middle of trails, wear protective clothing, and avoid marshy areas.
  3. When you come inside: Check your clothing and body for ticks before entering your home. Shower after being outside.
  4. Wear a repellent: Always, always, always wear a repellent. This is as non-negotiable as sunscreen. The risks of Lyme disease, the Zika virus, and more are simply not worth it. Protect yourself and your children with a safe and proven repellent.

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